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Press release: Continental Supplies Antibacterial Coverings for Makeshift Hospitals in Hanover at Short Notice

Geplaatst: 12-05-2020

  • Urgently needed material for transport and recovery benches for corona patients
  • Surface film was specially developed for the medical and hygiene sector 

Hanover, May 11, 2020. At short notice, the technology company Continental has supplied antibacterial covers for 50 transport and recovery benches urgently needed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The benches will be used in a makeshift hospital built by the state of Lower Saxony and the Hanover region on the trade fair grounds in the state capital. Milder corona cases are to be treated there if the hospitals do not have enough space.


During initial treatment, the patients will at first remain on the benches. The so-called media unit at the head-end enables medical supply devices to be attached.

Contributing to Medical Health and Safety

Both the upper and lower sides of the upholstered parts of the benches are completely covered with the synthetic upholstery fabric skai Pandoria Plus. Continental is producing the material at its Weißbach site. The Bielefeld company K.H. Dewert needed 185 running meters of the 1.4-meterwide sheeting. Dewert manufactured the 50 benches especially for the rush order from Hanover. “We are delighted that we were able to help so quickly and thus make a contribution to the supply of health and safety equipment,” explains Bruno Lehmann, who is responsible for upholstery fabrics and furniture foil at Continental.

The transport and recovery benches are used to transport patients brought by ambulance for further treatment.

The transport and recovery benches are used to transport patients brought by ambulance for further treatment. “Continental’s material is ideally suited to this,” believe Dewert Managing Directors Ralf and Jörg Dewert. The material has been specially developed for the medical and hygiene sector. It fulfills all legal requirements for medical devices. Its surface prevents bacteria and other micro-organisms from multiplying. Its antibacterial effect was confirmed in tests in accordance with standard JIS Z 2801. skai Pandoria Plus is also particularly resistant to disinfectants, so the coronavirus can be reliably eliminated by regular disinfection of the material surface. Nor can bodily fluids such as sweat, blood and urine damage the material. It can be easily cleaned, is abrasion- and tear-resistant, and is also highly flame-retardant in accordance with DIN EN 1021 1+2 and DIN 4102 (Part 1, B2).

Easy-to-use side grills, sliding handles at the head- and feet-ends, individually lockable rollers and good disinfecting options, as well as an extremely short delivery time – these were the requirements of the crisis staff at the emergency hospital.

With its slightly textured surface and very pleasant feel, the skin-friendly material has already proven its worth in hospitals, medical practices, wellness centers and gyms.


Set Up in Record Time

The emergency temporary accommodation with around 500 beds was completed in Hanover within weeks. To speed up the construction, the volunteer fire brigades, waste disposal staff and staff from the Hanover Region Hospital, as well as the German Federal Armed Forces, all lent a hand. Continental also acted quickly: Eight days after the crisis team’s request, Dewert was able to deliver all 50 benches.


Around 500 beds for milder corona cases and 50 transport and recovery benches using the skai Pandoria Plus upholstery from Continental have been made available at the makeshift hospital on the Hanover Trade Fair site.

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